Slope or Steps — What growth strategy and approach do you prefer?

Nitesh Verma
2 min readOct 31, 2022

Both work if you reach from point A to B and then to C within desired time with available resources and while achieving desired goals.

However chasing the slope based on either past data or competitor or industry data may have an adverse impact on growth.

A step strategy to growth works well. After each growth sprint, you live through a steady phase to:

1. reflect back on the sprint phase
2. collect and analyze data, insights, trends
3. focus on managing existing clients, business, resources
4. Learning
5. Planning the next sprint

Can you do all the above while climbing the slope? Yes, but the risk of failing and hence falling back would be higher.

There may be period of faster growth in a slope strategy, but with higher risks.

The step approach gives you a steady platform. Some may say that is being risk averse. May be. But there is no one way to achieve goals and success.

In a step growth strategy, you get steady phases to introspect and plan for future growth.

This works for both business owners and employees. Either you are chasing business success or career growth.

Growth is almost always non-linear.

When reviewing your progress, in life, business or career, choose a longer period.

For example, judge your progress and growth over a period of 3 or 5 years instead of one year.

Have phases of sprint. Life, business, career are one heck of a marathon.

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