Leadership Is About Getting The Small Things Right

Nitesh Verma
2 min readSep 26, 2022

You could read hundreds of blog posts and watch another hundred videos to become a better leader. I’ll add my two cents to it — there’s no one style to lead right. Being mindful is one of the keys however. And, it certainly is about getting the small things right.

Small things make a big difference. Getting leadership right too is about getting the little things right.

Leading and managing people require you to wear many hats. You cannot always be nice and sweet. And, there will be times when you would need to lose your cool, raise your voice and say a few harsh words.

That’s perfectly all right if you don’t let that linger on for too long.

Separate the incident from the person.

Hate and dislike the mistake. Don’t hate or dislike the person.

And you’ve got to show this too. You’ve got to show that a mistake does not define your relationship with the person.


Practice what I’ve always done. Once you have an altercation with someone, go back in a few minutes. And, talk about something pleasant and unrelated.

As if the past incident never occurred. Help the other person move on. And in a subtle way, get them back in the groove.

You’ve already let them know how you felt about the mistake or outcome or whatever you were pissed about.

You’ve done that right. Now, it’s about doing the other thing right. Go back and separate the person from the previous incident.

This works everywhere: employees, colleagues, spouse, kids, friends.

Hate and dislike the incident, not the person. Be mindful. Get the little things right.



Nitesh Verma

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